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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Maestro, Please . . .

So, it looks like I've created a new blog site. Just when I thought my days of posting my thoughts on the internet were through, here comes another calamity in the making. You see, I have this uncanny ability to make those around me very irritated at my ideas and opinions . . . not by my intentional doing, but simply by the fact that my ideas and opinions seem to be a little edgy to people.

This is just one of my many faults that you may be subject to experiencing while reading this web page. If you struggle with the failures of fallen man or are quick to anger at the sometimes outrageous claims of individuals, please view the contents of this page at your own risk.
*End Disclaimer*

I'm not sure how everything about this site works just yet, so be patient with me as I learn the new techniques of blogimonium that is sweeping the nation. This ain't Xanga.

Peace out homies.

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